Press Release
The total shipment of HED’ chips supporting commercial cipher algorithm reaches more than 3 billion

On December 10-12, the "2015 China commercial password exhibition" was held in the Beijing Exhibition Center, and CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "HED") took part in the exhibition with its fruits from the field of commercial cipher. The company considers it as its own duty to create independently controllable China "chips" and has carefully developed itself for decades in the field of information security, and now the total shipment of its chips supporting commercial algorithm reaches more than 3 billion, in the service of identity authentication, social security, finance and other industries.

HED is one of the earliest IC design enterprises to develop chips supporting commercial algorithm and also one of the earliest pioneers to introduce the commercial algorithm into large-scale industry applications since after the release of the commercial password management ordinance. With the gradually matured and perfected commercial algorithm, HED’s chips develop from the earliest ones supporting SSF33 and SM1 to the latest ones with a universal coverage of SM2 / SM3 / SM4 /SM7 and SM9, and currently the company has 45 chips winning the commercial password product type approval certificates. Industry applications have extended from the original social security and Generation Ⅱ ID card to more fields such as online authentication, finance, residents’ health and transport. As of December 2015, HED has made over 3 billion pieces of chips supporting commercial algorithm as total shipments, which really practiced its responsibility as a big business to create "self-dependently innovative, safe and controllable" China chips.

In addition, HED actively promotes the application of commercial algorithm in some emerging fields: the company is the first chip maker to produce HF and UHF RFID tag chips supporting the SM7 algorithm and successfully apply them to inventory management and security traceability projects. The company is also the first manufacturer to achieve the commercial algorithm in such solutions as Beidou satellite navigation module and visual eID card, and these innovative attempts are bound to open up a wider application space for commercial algorithm. HED will work together with partners to promote the application of commercial algorithm and make unremitting efforts!

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