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From the security point of view of the doors and windows hardware accessories

Date:2017-01-04 Hits:

Door and window hardware accessories handle is to open doors and windows every day to use, and its components are many, so the installation needs in place, the fixed way also need to correct, if there is not solid, surface damage, open and close the swing gap, feel bad situation Timely replacement.

Door and window hardware accessories need to be firmly embedded in the profile, only a solid combination with the profiles in order to achieve anti-theft function, with the continuous development of science and technology, international and domestic demand for non-standard hardware accessories continue to increase. Warm reminder Do not use sharp, hard objects scraping the surface of furniture hardware accessories doors and windows, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt and other substances in contact with regular cleaning hardware accessories, clean the sliding or moving parts on the amount of some lubricants.


Door and window hardware accessories from a security point of view, consumers in the purchase before, must be on its core with a careful understanding of the lock, the preferred choice.