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How to make reasonable use of door and window hardware fittings

Date :2017-01-04 Hits:

How do you make reasonable use of door and window hardware, you know, if the use of unreasonable, its performance and quality will be affected, so let us look at the next bar.

Door and window hardware fittings connection Rivet end must be complete, smooth, solid connection, flexible rotation, fastening riveting Department should not be loose, doors and windows hardware accessories basic configuration need to have control components, carrying parts, transmission locking parts, accessories. The operating part is under the action of external force to control the doors and windows open and close the control function of the components; bearing parts are connected frame fans, doors and windows to bear the load to bear the parts; transmission locking components to transmit power to achieve frame fan locking components; A part is a component for perfecting a function.


Door and window hardware accessories need to repeatedly test the number of good lock block is no cracking phenomenon, if the door and window hardware accessories are not regularly cleaned will appear dust, resulting in not open the window, so the rational use of hardware accessories door and window is necessary.